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  • Hannam Flagship Store
    A gallery building located on a hillside behind Hannam-dong.
    The new Lumen flagship store is located on the ground floor with large glass windows.
  • Collaboration : KIM YOUNG RANG
    24S/S Collection 'In to the Lumière' Lookbook
    We used a cover cloth produced with fabric craftsman Kim Young-rang.
  • Elluné Candle
    Eluné Candle, the adjective 'Moonlighted' in French,
    The subtle musk and floral scent are scented candles reminiscent of flowers blooming in winter.
  • Interview : PERFORMER
    Lumen 23f/w season starts with the title "performer".
    In the Winter collection, you can take a close look at other people's everyday lives.
    It contains the image of an actor exploring his inner self.
    LUMEN's first pop-up store, LUMEN's Atelier, has swatches and images on the board.
    A desk where you can feel the agony of a designer, and a delicate touch of a craftsman.
    The tools are spread out.
  • Making Film : PRIDE
    Lumen's product is completed with the touch of a craftsman who has been making bags for a long time.
    Products created through careful processing contain their pride.
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