• Price : $279.00
    • 상품간략설명 : Marron Bag's body shirring and sewing lines, one by one,It is a Marron Backpack that creates a minimal atmosphere.You can feel the soft texture of leather using sheepskin, and Atelier de Lumen's signature gold decoration meets the flap's leather ring to create a classic mood. It can be opened and closed comfortably with a magnet inside the flap, and can be worn comfortably by adjusting the loose length of the shoulder strap.It has a generous storage capacity inside, so you can feel the simplicity of everyday life.
    • Price : $227.00
    • 상품간략설명 : The gold pipe decoration of the leather handle that stands out with the sewing lines, It is a Marron bag with a harmonious silhouette created by shirring on both sides of the compact body.The soft-touch suede material stands out for a deeper seasonal feeling.The length of the long tote allows you to wear a tote and shoulder, and the interior has a relaxed space and zipper pockets for comfort.Maron bags with a noble femininity add a deep atmosphere to the outfit.
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